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The coloring activity is suitable for children all of the ages

Depending on the age of the child, parents should let the child participate in appropriate coloring activities

Coloring pages are a fun activity and provide many essential benefits for children’s development at each stage. Coloring activities are suitable for children of different ages and can be adjusted to suit their developmental level.

Children from 1-5 years old can join in the coloring activity with their parents

Many people believe that when children are young, they are unaware that they cannot participate in learning and training activities. However, many studies have shown that, during this period, children’s brains and thinking easily perceive signals of images, sounds, colors, etc., from which they form memories and abilities to collect and process information. Because of that, children in this stage often act to imitate adults and recognize familiar things around them. During early childhood, coloring activities can help develop children’s hand-eye coordination, concentration, and creativity. Here are some ways for parents to support their kids in coloring and developing their skills:

Fun colors

Children are from 1-5 years old

Please choose the right coloring pages: 

Parents can choose simple coloring pages with clear images and little details for children to focus on and complete easily. Simple drawings like Fruit, Cartoon, Animals, or Toys are good choices. We encourage parents to choose coloring pages with familiar objects and animals in the family or close to the child. Children will recognize what they are because they have many opportunities to observe those real images in life. What characteristics do they usually have, and what color? Through coloring activities, pictures and colors can help children recall familiar objects and enjoy learning about other interesting topics.

Provide appropriate crayons and pencils: 

Parents should be careful when choosing crayons and pencils of the right size and shape for children’s small hands. Ensure the pen is sharp enough and safe for children to use easily.

Encourage creativity: 

Do not limit children in choosing colors for drawings. Encourage children to be creative and express their ideas. That helps develop children’s imagination and creativity.

Parents should join in the coloring activity with their kids: 

Create a comfortable space and join your child in the coloring activity. Parents can color with their children while showing interest and motivating children to follow and learn from their coloring.

Do not impose rules: 

Children must experiment and explore during this stage. Refrain from setting too many rules on how to color right or wrong. Let your kids express themselves and do it their way. Praise and encourage your child as he completes a picture or improves his coloring skills. That will create motivation and confidence for children in learning and development.

Remember, at this stage, the main goal is for children to experience and have fun through coloring. Don’t put too much pressure on and respect the child’s creativity and individuality.

How are children from 5-10 years old color?

Between the ages of 5 and 10, coloring is still a great way to develop children. That is the ideal age for children to develop and practice essential skills through coloring and drawing activities. Because, at this time, children have a lot of awareness about all topics and things going on around them. They know many objects, animals, and cartoon characters and can name and discuss their characteristics. Children will be very excited about exciting and colorful pictures at this stage. Children have begun to form their interests and needs. Parents should pay attention and care for children to choose the right coloring pages. Here are some suggestions for parents to involve their children in coloring and develop skills in the process:

play with colors

Children are from 5-10 years old

Provide appropriate coloring pages: 

Children are familiar with many simple coloring pages during this stage, so parents let their child experiment with more complex and detailed coloring pages. That will encourage children to develop concentration, patience, and detailed coloring skills. This time, girls will love different coloring subjects than boys. Girls will love Princess, doll, or dress coloring pages. Boys will have a passion for Superhero coloring pages, cars, or cartoon characters. Parents can ask children about the coloring topic they want to make them feel more excited when participating in this helpful activity.

Encourage creativity:

Don’t limit your child to pattern coloring; encourage them to imagine and express their ideas freely. Parents can ask children to create their drawings, add details or create a story around the picture. Parents should also prepare children to add more variety of colors. Children can learn to be creative and combine many basic colors to create unique colors.

Explore coloring techniques: 

Teach your kids different techniques like creating light and shadow effects, highlighting techniques, using the right colors, and more. Parents can provide tutorials or work with their children to explore and practice coloring skills. Please encourage your child to create their pictures, design shirts, make toys or decorate the room with their coloring pictures. That will help children develop creativity and confidence in self-expression.

Engage with children: 

Parents can spend time with their children coloring, asking about their ideas and thoughts about their pictures. That helps children feel cared about and appreciate the value of their work. Encourage children to tell stories around their coloring pictures. That helps children develop the ability to express, imagine and use language.

Most importantly, encourage your child to color in a relaxed and happy spirit. This activity helps children relax, boost their creativity and develop skills they will carry with them for a lifetime.

Parents should help children from 10-15 years old develop their skills through coloring and drawing

Between the ages of 10 and 15, children are going through significant physiological and developmental changes. While coloring may not be considered a staple activity for this age group, it still offers many developmental benefits. Here are some of the benefits that color can bring:

The coloring activity

Children are  from 10-15 years old

Increased concentration: 

Children may have difficulty focusing on a particular task during puberty. However, coloring activities require concentration and hard work. When children color, they must focus on small details, choose colors and maintain patience. That helps to improve the child’s ability to concentrate and be patient.

Explore and develop creativity: 

Coloring is a creative activity that allows children to express their ideas and imagination freely. Children can create works, express their style, and personalize the pictures. Through coloring, children can develop their creativity and confidence in self-expression. Encourage children to participate in purposeful coloring projects instead of just coloring the usual coloring pages. For example, children can color contests, design shirts, decorate rooms, or create coloring pictures to give to loved ones.

Relieve stress and relax: 

Children often face the pressure of studying and exams in training. Coloring activities can be a stress reliever and relaxation for kids. When children color, they can freely express their imagination and creativity.

Explore new coloring styles and techniques: 

Encourage your child to explore new coloring styles and designs using watercolors, brushes, or layer techniques. That helps children expand their creativity and experience variety in coloring. We have various coloring pages, from easy to difficult, so if your child is already mastered simple colors, try our art coloring pages.

Promotes autonomy and creativity: 

Coloring is an individual and autonomous activity; children can choose colors and coloring. That encourages children to develop their decision-making and creativity. Children also learn to be confident and confident in completing a task independently.

With the above benefits, parents can encourage children to participate in coloring activities by providing coloring sets and drawing papers that are suitable for children’s interests and abilities. Create a space for children to color, encourage them to experiment with new styles and techniques, and give children creative freedom and autonomy in coloring.

Let’s learn about research to know the helpful impacts of coloring activities on children’s development

We can learn more about Dr. Darya L. Zabelina and their team (2019) focus on the impact of coloring activities on children’s creativity. This study aimed to explore the link between coloring and creativity in children.

In this study, researchers conducted experiments with children to measure their creativity before and after participating in coloring activities. The children were asked to color pictures and then perform creative tests such as creating a story or finding a solution to a problem.

Dr. Darya L. Zabelina

Dr. Darya L. Zabelina

The study results show that coloring activities can stimulate children’s creative process. Children showed higher creativity after participating in coloring activities. Research has also found that coloring can enhance children’s imagination and discovery, two essential factors in the creative process.

One suggested reason is that coloring activities allow children to be creative and express their ideas through colors and images. That encourages children to imagine and develop their creativity.

Research by Dr. Darya L. Zabelina and her team provides essential information about the positive impact of coloring on children’s creative development. You can find and read her unique and informative research at: https://www.creativitypost.com/contributor/4862.


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