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Pig and Hippo coloring pages: the cutest moments of aggressive animals

Pig and Hippo coloring pages: the cutest moments of aggressive animals.

If the children are animal lovers, then when it comes to hippos and pigs, they won’t find it strange. These are two animals that are both round and stout. They may look scared in real life due to their large size and fierce facial expressions, but these two animals have extremely cute moments in cartoons. Let’s buy children Pig and Hippo coloring pages to see and color their lovely moments.

Hippo coloring pages: How cute is a hippopotamus?

Printable Hippo coloring sheets

Hippos have a reputation for being tough creatures, particularly aggressive when threatened. But usually, they are also quite cute, especially baby hippos. Hippos are said to have been on Earth for about 55 million years. They come from sub-Saharan Africa, and their name in Ancient Greek means ‘river horse’. Hippos usually live about 45 years. They are the third-largest land mammal after elephants and white rhinos. Their closest relatives are whales and dolphins. The leading food of hippos is grass. Despite their short body and four short legs, hippos can reach speeds of up to 48 km/h and easily surpass humans. Hippos are incredibly aggressive when invaded, and their offspring are threatened. They are ‘given’ as one of the fiercest creatures globally and one of the most dangerous animals in Africa and the world. A hippo can hold its breath for up to 6 minutes at a time. While diving, they close both their nostrils and ears, preventing water from entering. Interestingly, in contrast to the heavy gait on land, the hippo in the water is like a flexible ballet dancer. Instead of swimming with his feet and hands, this giant animal slowly hopped on foot. They shrug their feet push their bodies out of the water in a forward direction, looking very comfortable and light. Hippos maintain the current direction due to their large size and habit of moving through the water in fixed routes. However, looking light like that, they are still a species that weighs a ton. Therefore, the bottom of rivers and lakes is still swamped, and aquatic plants cannot grow. Once they change course, the direction of the flow also changes.

Cartoon Happy Hippo

Happy Hippo Opens Big Mouth

When looking at pictures, animal shows, or even seeing hippos in the zoo, you and your children will feel that hippos are scary. The hippo’s massive size, sharp teeth, aggressive gestures, and facial expressions will make us see that this is a dangerous animal and should be kept away. We shouldn’t go near the hippopotamus because it will attack humans. However, in our collection of paintings, the hippo is depicted with an adorable and funny image. Our Hippo coloring pages still fully describe hippo’s features such as fat, large body, pointed teeth, colossal nose, round eyes, and slow steps. It looks adorable. And we firmly believe that if children color those pictures, our hippo will look more attractive. Parents should immediately buy their children Hippo coloring pages because children can be creative and feel closer to this animal.

Pig coloring pages: big mouth but also adorable pigs.

Printable Pig coloring sheets

Most pigs are often associated with stupid, fat, and slow descriptions, hence “fat like a pig”. But wrong, pigs are the most intelligent animals, similar to dogs and chimpanzees. And in fact, pigs also have a lot of amazing features that few people know about them. Let’s learn together about the fun of pigs through Pig coloring pages.

Unlike hippos, pigs are easier to see in real life. Usually, some rural areas or pig farms will provide food for humans. People in many parts of the world use pork as the leading food. It can be said that pigs are faster animals than other species. As soon as two weeks old, piglets can distinguish and recognize their names. Newborn piglets learn to run to the sound of the mother pig. It is also believed that the mother pig even sings to the piglets while they are suckling. Pigs are very vocal. If you can’t hear the screams from the pigs, they are most likely busy eating.

Because we know that pigs are close and conspicuous animals in life, Pig coloring pages will depict the image of cute and funny pigs. We also encounter pictures of pigs taken as cartoon characters. I believe that many children will love and enjoy the image of the pig. Let’s color and create together for the pigs to be more lively. Pictures such as a pig wearing a hat, a pig singing together, a sleeping pig, etc., will be the most colorful and lovely pictures. From there, help children learn more about these animals and love them more.

Three Little Pigs

Sleeping Pig


Coloring pictures for babies is an effective form of learning and playing that any family with young children should apply. The diverse images and colors help children perceive different animals and develop their imagination and memory through choosing and painting. We hope that Pig and Hippo coloring pages will be both a toy and a learning tool so that children can have more animal knowledge.

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