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Last Updated: July 31, 2023

One of the most exciting features of bats is that they can see and fly around at night. They create a sound that bounces off objects to help them navigate when it’s dark outside. If you want your kids not to be afraid of bats, teach them why they are essential to our planet. That’s also why we created this collection of Bat coloring pages for kids. Teach your kids to love bats by downloading the following printable bat sheets. They resemble famous cartoon characters like Bat Pat or Mavis in Hotel Transylvania.

What Is So Special About Bats That Children Enjoy?

Bats are extremely important to the ecosystem. Most are major predators of nocturnal insects, including many that cause significant damage to agriculture. Others are essential pollinators and seed dispersers for many plants. Long-nosed bats are essential pollinators of cactus and giant agave in the desert. Hundreds of economically important plant products depend on bats, including fruits such as bananas, dates, and figs.

The little brown bat can eat up to 1,000 mosquitoes in an hour. Bats eat beetles and moths that destroy the farm’s vegetable and crop gardens. And speaking of useful things – some bats even eat scorpions on the ground. The presence of insectivorous bats can significantly reduce the need for chemical pesticides.

 One of the bats’ most exciting features is how they move at night. They navigate by making sounds that bounce off objects and tell bats how far away the objects are. This allows the animals to move in the dark, hunting, identifying friends and foes, and avoiding obstacles. Bats make echolocating sounds in their larynx and emit them through their mouths. Fortunately, most have a pitch too high for humans to hear – some bats can scream up to 140 decibels, as loud as a jet engine 30 meters away.

Some species of bats, such as fruit bats and flying foxes, have large eyes and round faces that make them look cute. This can make them appealing to children who love animals.

 Many bats have appeared in cartoons over the years, each with their unique personality and appearance. Bat Pat is a popular character among children, and he has been praised for his positive messages about friendship, teamwork, and helping others. He is also a good role model for children, as he is always willing to stand up for his beliefs, even if it means standing up to bullies. He is a great role model, teaching children important lessons about friendship, teamwork, and helping others. 

With so many attractive qualities and good things they bring to our world, why are more and more children not loving them? It is likely due to many myths about the harm they can do to us, which are untrue. 

Top Popular Bat Coloring Pages

Children have a deep passion for all things mysterious. Bats are considered one of many mysterious animals, so your child will surely find bats very interesting. Attract your children to these fun and attractive cute bat coloring pages below.

Cute Bat

The coloring page features a lovely bat sloping upside down on a tree branch. Bats have a round, plump body with soft fur. Its coat is mostly black, but you can add shades of gray or dark purple to create depth and texture. Bats have large, expressive eyes filled with curiosity and mischief. Its tiny nose is shaped like a small triangle, with cute pointed ears on top of its head. The bat’s wings are spread wide, showing off their intricate details. You can color them in shades of dark gray or deep purple, adding lighter highlights for a realistic effect. The wings have a delicate web-like structure, making them look both elegant and seductive.

Cute Bat Coloring Pages

Cute Bat Coloring Page

Two Bats

The coloring page depicts two bats worth flying. Bats have round, chubby bodies covered with soft fur. Their coat can be dark gray or black, with the option to add highlights in lighter gray or purple to give the coat dimension. Both species of bats have large, expressive eyes that convey a sense of playfulness and curiosity. They have small, triangular noses and cute pointed ears on their heads. Their wings are slightly spread, revealing a complex web-like structure. To complete the scene, you can add a starry night sky in the background. Draw a bright crescent moon, casting a gentle light on the bats. Sprinkle some stars around the sky, some big and some small, to add magic. Those are our suggestions. You can be creative and add your personal touches to the coloring page.

Two Bats Coloring Pages

Two Bats Coloring Page

Vampire Bat Halloween

If your kids love Halloween, they will enjoy coloring this bat picture. The vampire bat dressed up as a witch with a pointed hat on her head and a leather belt around her belly. The wings are spread out, showing the intricate details of the spider web-like structure. Color them in shades of dark gray or deep purple, creating a sense of darkness and mystery. Around it are pumpkins, ghost images, and many other Halloween elements. Feel free to use your imagination and explore different color combinations to make the vampire bats Halloween coloring page atmospheric and relaxing.

Vampire Bat Halloween Coloring Pages

Vampire Bat Halloween Coloring Page

Bat in Pirate Costume

The coloring page depicts an adorable bat dressed in a pirate costume, ready for a Halloween adventure. The bat wears a classic pirate hat with a skull and crossbones emblem on the front. The hat can be black, while the skull and crossbones can be white or any other contrasting color you like. The bat’s body is covered with soft fur, which can be gray or black. Its wings are slightly spread out, revealing intricate details. To add depth, you can add color accents to the outfit, such as a deep purple or dark blue. For the background, the coloring page features a treasure chest filled with gold coins and jewels, representing the bat’s pirate adventure. You can also add a pirate ship in the distance, sailing on the rippling ocean.

Bat in Pirate Costume Coloring Pages

Bat in Pirate Costume Coloring Pages

Bats with Coffin

The coloring page depicts a spooky scene with bats and stele. To create a sense of depth and movement, draw some bats closer to the foreground and others further away. You can add flying leaves or small twigs to suggest a haunting wind blowing through the scene. For an extra touch, you can draw a crescent moon in the sky, casting a pale light over the graveyard. The moon can be pale gold or silver, and you can add a few thin clouds for an extra spooky atmosphere.

Bats with Coffin Coloring Pages

Bats With Coffin Coloring Page

How To Draw Bat

In addition to the coloring page, we offer many free drawing and coloring tutorials on our website, including this one on Bats. Our tutorials are designed to be easy to follow, with step-by-step instructions and helpful tips. They are also suitable for all skill levels, from beginners to adults.  Here we will draw a bat in a lovely cartoon style. Bats have a relatively simple body shape, with a large head, small body, and large wings. The head is typically round, with large ears and a small nose. The body is elongated, and the wings include a thin membrane stretching between the bat’s arms and body. Once you have the basic shape, you can start adding the features of the bat. This includes things like the eyes, the teeth, the claws, and the fur. Bats have large, dark eyes that help them see in the dark. They also have sharp teeth and claws that help them catch prey. Bats’ fur is typically brown or black, but some species have colorful fur. You can follow the instructions in How To Draw A Bat or create your own.


Bats may not be as dangerous as they seem. To get acquainted with this dark creature, your child can watch many cartoons about bats at home. Learning more about bats will help your child develop an interest in this mysterious animal. Let your children make their own decisions and use their imagination when coloring these pages. Don’t forget to share your views with us! We hope you enjoy our Bat coloring pages collection. Once done, share your child’s work on Facebook or Pinterest to encourage their passion for art and confidence. You can also refer to other mammals like Otter or Lynx to give your child more choices.

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