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Otter Coloring Pages

Otter Coloring Pages for kids can print or download them to color now. Otters are the cutest animals and also quite intelligent.

Otters are carnivorous mammals that live in the water or ocean, part of the Weasel family. Otters are distributed all over the world. Otters have a thick, smooth inner coat protected by an outer coat that keeps them dry underwater and traps a layer of air to keep them warm.

All otters have long, thin, and flexible bodies, short and webbed feet. Most have sharp claws to capture prey, but South Asian short-clawed otters have only vestigial claws, and two closely related African otters have no nails: these species live in rivers. Mud-filled areas of Africa and Asia and locate prey by touch.

Most otters eat fish as the top food on their menu and frogs, shrimp, and crabs; Some also specialize in eating shellfish, while others eat small mammals or birds.

Coloring the Otter is fun, isn’t it? Which color will you choose to color the Otter’s thick, fluffy fur, long flexible tail, and sparkling eyes?

Colors have no limits, so let kids be creative in choosing their colors and creating the most beautiful works. Have fun!

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