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Gyutaro Coloring Pages

One of the scariest demons to ever appear in Demon Slayer is Gyutaro. Download or print out the Gyutaro coloring pages below if you’re interested in coloring to Upper Rank Six this.

Gyutaro has an ugly, terrifying appearance. This appearance is probably due to his mother’s abuse even before Gyutaro was born.

Gyutaro is Daki’s older brother. Gyutaro holds the position of Upper Rank Six with his sister. After turning into a demon, Gyutaro resides in Daki’s body and only appears when necessary.

Gyutaro has awe-inspiring speed and reflexes. This is one of Gyutaro’s primary weapons, allowing him to efficiently approach enemies and finish them off with his crescents. However, speed is not Gyutaro’s most potent weapon. This Upper Rank Six Demon can create a deadly poison, and he coats it all over his sickles. Gyutaro can infuse poison into his opponent’s body through his sickle or Blood Demon Arts. Gyutaro’s Blood Demon Art is a form of blood manipulation, allowing him to “shape” his blood into a weapon to attack opponents.

Gyutaro and Daki, as a demon, are divided into two beings, so the only way to kill them is to behead them both at the same time. This is an incredible thing to happen; so many of the Hashira of the past life have failed.

Gyutaro’s ugly appearance will be an interesting choice for you to color and create. Collect the most outstanding Gyutaro coloring sheets and show your creativity now.

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Have fun and get creative now!

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