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Muzan Kibutsuji Coloring Pages

Collect an image of the strongest Demon and is ancestor of demons from our free Muzan Kibutsuji coloring pages below.

Besides the mighty pillars in the Demon Slayer, it is impossible not to mention the Demon species. In Kimetsu no Yaiba, the presence of strong demons possessing great power is one of the unique features of this manga.

Muzan is the demon with the most terrible regeneration ability, even when his body and head are broken. He possesses tremendous physical strength, the strongest of all demons. He can quickly kill anyone, as when he defeated the Lower Profound Demons with a wave of his hand.

Muzan has the appearance of a young man in his twenties, but in reality, he is over 1000 years old. He has black hair and bright red eyes, with pupils resembling a cat’s. He usually wears elegant clothes, wearing a white fedora hat with a red ribbon. Since becoming a demon, Muzan has lived for centuries without aging and immunity to diseases. His only weakness is sunlight.

If you enjoy coloring Demon King Kibutsuji Muzan, download or print the Kibutsuji Muzan coloring sheets below. You can make a collection of Demon Slayer anime by collecting our free Demon Slayer coloring pages. If you love this anime, you will also like demon slayers. Check out more Tanjiro coloring pages, Zenitsu coloring pages, Sanemi Shinazugawa coloring pages, and more. Collect lots of beautiful coloring sheets and make them stand out. Have fun!

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