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Sunfish Coloring Pages

Do sunfish make children curious? Explore Sunfish Coloring Pages and learn about this special fish right now.

The Sunfish or Mola mola is a fish species in the Sunfish family in the order Pufferfish. Sunfish are large marine fish with bright colors and short bodies that live in the ocean, often diving into deep water where the temperature is shallow.

Sunfish live in the surface layer, heating their brains and eyes warmer than the sea temperature. According to French, Spanish, Portuguese, Italian, Dutch, Russian…, this fish is called moonfish, while their English name is Ocean Sunfish which means Fish Sun”.

Sunfish have a strange shape; they have around the oval body, distributed mainly in the tropics, catfish with a flat body, short tail, round head, big eyes, smallmouth, the mouth is quite small compared to the hole size body, two short fins. The moonfish let its massive body float freely with the currents most of the time. Adults like to drift sideways.

Here are some free printable Sunfish coloring sheets; collect them now for the little ones to experiment with the unique colors for this special fish freely.

We also have lots of Fish coloring pages for the little ones to color. Let the children complete the colors for these sunfish and continue with other fun fish.

Have fun and unleash creativity now!

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