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Blobfish Coloring Pages

What would you say when asked which animal is the ugliest? Explore our free Blobfish coloring pages below to get the answer to the “which animal is the ugliest” question.

Have you imagined what animal is considered the ugliest? Join us to learn about the ugliest animal right now. With a “weird” appearance, the blobfish is used as a measure of the standard of evil.

Blobfish scientific name is Psychrolutes Marcus. They have milky white or pink skin, but the body is always blistering, the face “puffs” out, drooping, and always looks sad like Ditto in Pokemon.

This fish is also unique because it does not possess any muscle tissue. They live in places with little food, so blobfish has a somewhat idle way of hunting. Blobfish hover in the water, waiting for prey to pass (usually crabs, sea urchins, shellfish) and then open its mouth to swallow the prey whole.

Blobfish is a fish that lives in the deep sea. They exist in oceans where sunlight cannot reach, with a depth of about 600 – 1,200m. Blobfish must endure tremendous pressure, so the body must evolve to adapt. They will never venture into shallower waters unless humans deliberately pull them up.

When brought to the surface, the blobfish will be very different from when it is on the seabed. Blobfish at the bottom of the sea looks very normal like any other fish, not as ugly as we see on the water.

Blobfish is extremely interesting; this unique shape will give children great creative opportunities. Parents let children unleash their creativity with colors, have fun and develop their brains from these fun coloring sheets. Have fun!

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