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King Boo has become a popular figure among fans of the Mario series. His appearances in various games have made him a formidable and memorable opponent to Mario and Luigi. King Boo is often depicted as a giant ghost with a round body and a menacing grin. He has a crown on his head, indicating his status as ruler of Boos. His appearance may vary slightly between games, but his basic design remains consistent. In response to the great request of Super Mario fans, this article will introduce King Boo coloring pages with various designs and expressions.

Top Brand King Boo Coloring Pages – Free To Print And Color!

1. Funny King Boo

Some of these King Boo coloring pages bring fun and humor to the character. He will have a mischievous or silly smile on his face. Its eyes may bulge outward or spin, its mouth open wide in surprise or laugh excessively, and its eyebrows arch in playful ways. To increase the funny look, Funny King Boo can be embellished with funny accessories.

2. Malignant King Boo

King Boo is often depicted with an evil or menacing expression in the Mario series. As the main antagonist in the Luigi’s Mansion series, King Boo is known for his sinister nature and desire to capture Luigi and cause mischief. His designs often feature sharp teeth, fiery red eyes, and a sinister smile emphasizing his malignant attitude. These visual elements help establish King Boo as a formidable and terrifying spooky figure in the Mario universe.

3. King Boo With Car

Our King Boo coloring page shows him sitting in his car and driving with a cool style. In one of the Mario Kart games or related side games, King Boo may have a kart racing car and can mimic Mario’s driving style.

4. King Boo Imitating Mario’s Appearance

Not only parodying Mario’s style and actions, but King Boo also imitated his appearance. King Boo wears a cap featuring Mario’s signature logo with a large round nose and a thick mustache. When choosing this page to color, you should refer to Mario’s portrait to paint correctly.

5. Angry King Boo 

In his angry state, King Boo’s eyes may narrow or widen in anger, and his eyebrows may be lowered or furrowed, presenting a more menacing look than his usual expression. King Boo’s sharp, pointed teeth could be more visible, increasing the menacing nature of his fury. The palette can go darker, emphasizing the intensity of his anger, including a deeper purple or gray.

King Boo Coloring Pages – Which will you choose?

King Boo coloring pages provide an educational and fun activity for kids, bringing various developmental benefits while allowing them to interact with a beloved character from Super Mario Bros. Have you found exciting coloring pages for your kids to color? Then why not keep them busy with these free printable King Boo sheets. Print these out and surprise your kids by giving them your coloring book. Don’t forget to share your coloring pictures on Coloringpagesonly’s Facebook or Pinterest pages.

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