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Bowser Jr is a character in the Super Mario series and the son of Bowser, the main antagonist. He is depicted as Bowser’s youngest son and heir to the Koopa Kingdom. He greatly admires his father and is often seen assisting him in various plans to kidnap Princess Peach or defeat Mario. Suppose you’re looking for some Browser Jr coloring pages. You’ve come to the right place to keep your kids busy this summer break. Bowser Jr is now available on our website for you to print. This is a small collection of printable sheets with different moods and poses.

Top Best Browser Jr Coloring Pages – Free Print And Color

1. Bowser Jr Is Holding Torch 

On the first Broswe Jr coloring page, he was in a pose holding a torch raised high and one leg raised as if he was dancing. Bowser Jr is very much like his father, Bowser. He has similar facial features, such as a round muzzle, wide mouth, sharp teeth, and sharp eyes. Bowser Jr usually wears a bandana or bib around the neck. This accessory usually has a fang or fang-like design, similar to the logo on Bowser’s belly. 

2. Angry Bowser Jr 

When Bowser Jr became angry in the Super Mario series, he often expressed frustration through intense facial expressions, aggressive behavior, and an increasingly determined determination to defeat Mario or complete his goals.
In various games, Bowser Jr can become angry when Mario disrupts his plans or when he faces defeat in battles. His scowling expression, clenched fists, and more aggressive tactics often depict his anger. He can increase his attack intensity or become more persistent in pursuing Mario.
Bowser Jr’s anger intended to emphasize his competitive nature and desire to prove himself to his father, Bowser. It shows his determination and adds to the dynamic between him and Mario as rivals. 

3. Baby Bowser At The Lunchtime

During the lunchtime scenes, Baby Bowser often sits on a table or high chair, surrounded by food and utensils. Baby Bowser’s behavior during lunchtime can range from being naughty and mischievous to craving mischief. In other cases, the lunchtime scenes featuring Baby Bowser can be joyful, showcasing his endearing and childish nature. Our Bowser Jr coloring pages showcased these traits of a Baby Koopa.

4. Bowser Jr In Clown Car

In the Super Mario series, Bowser Jr. is often depicted riding in a vehicle known as the Clown Car. It is a small balloon with a clown face that Bowser Jr used for transportation and combat.
The clown car is designed with a clown-like appearance and has a large, grinning face, glowing eyes, and a red nose. Depending on the particular game or iteration, it is often equipped with different mechanical features and gadgets, such as propellers or cannons. When Bowser Jr is inside the vehicle, he gains increased mobility and firepower, allowing him to participate in battles or aerial maneuvers. Bowser Jr’s little clown car has a bright yellow body with orange accents, such as orange stripes or wheel patches. You can choose the right color for this Bowser Jr coloring page.

5. Funny Bowser Jr

We have several Bowser Jr. printable coloring pages that showcase this character’s mischievous, fun, and adorable character. Bowser Jr.’s expressions can be funny, from sly grins to exaggerated frowns. Besides, his exaggerated reactions, awkward movements, and amusing gestures contribute to his funny and likable personality.

6. Bowser Jr With Ball

In official Mario game artwork or promotional material, Bowser Jr sometimes depicts holding or interacting with a ball. These coloring pages showcase his playful nature and can be found in many Mario-related items.

7. Bowser Jr And Magic Brush

In Super Mario Sunshine, Bowser Jr is seen using a paintbrush called the Magic Brush. He uses brushes to draw graffiti and fiddles around Isle Delfino. Bowser Jr mimics Mario’s appearance and gives him trouble. While he’s not precisely “drawing” in the traditional sense, his use of the Magic Brush involves manipulating paint to alter environments and fool others.

Bowser Jr Coloring Pages – Which will you choose?

Our Bowser Jr coloring pages include simple and complex illustrations of various character designs. Coloring these funny Bowser Jr printable sheets is the perfect activity for kids of all ages who are Super Mario series fans.
Remember, all our coloring prints are 100% free to download. We are constantly updating new content in our catalog. So don’t forget to keep revisiting our website to enjoy brand-new coloring pages continuously. You show off your artwork and share it on our Facebook page. We are happy to see all your colorful Bowser Jr paintings!

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