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Bowser is one of the Mario series’s most iconic and frequent villains. He is the Koopa Kingdom’s ruler and the Koopa Troop’s leader, an army of loyal minions. He repeatedly plots to capture Princess Peach, often kidnapping and imprisoning her in his fortress or castle. His encounters with Mario have become legendary in gaming, and his role as arch-enemy provides a constant source of excitement and challenge in the Super Mario series.
Do you want to rescue Princess Peach from this fire-breathing enemy? If you love Super Mario, you can print all of our Bowser coloring pages and enjoy a creative moment that brings the character to life.

Top Best Bowser Coloring Pages – Free To Print And Color

1. Strength of Bowser

On our first coloring page, Bowser is crouching and raising his arms to show his great strength. Bowser’s hard, spiked shell gives him excellent defense against attacks. He can withstand powerful blows, including Mario’s jumps, enemy bullets, and other hazards. Bowser’s sharp claws and teeth are formidable weapons in close combat. He can attack enemies with his claws or deliver powerful bites, increasing his attack power.

2. Mario Versus Bowser At The Castle

The epic battles between Mario and Bowser at the castle have become iconic moments in the Super Mario series. In one scene, Mario is fighting with an ax, with Bowser jumping high in front of the castle. Bowser uses his formidable strength and unique abilities to attack Mario. He can try to stomp on Mario with his gigantic size.

3. Dangerous Bowser

Bowser is widely known as a dangerous and threatening character in the Super Mario series. Bowser’s enormous size and muscular build made him physically imposing. His raw strength makes him a formidable force in combat. Bowser’s fire-breathing ability adds a long-range and deadly attack to his arsenal. He can spew fireballs from his mouth, engulfing enemies or creating barriers that Mario has to move around.

4. Angry King Koopa

As Bowser became enraged, his already threatening attitude became even more aggressive and aggressive. On some printable pages, Bowser was in a cross-arms position. His often red or yellow eyes become more intense, reflecting his rising emotions. His eyebrows may be furrowed, and his teeth may be more visible, giving him an aggressive and threatening expression. His muscular body can look more stretched and ready for action.

5. Mario Fighting Bowser 

Mario and Bowser have a vendetta in the Super Mario series. Their encounters and interactions form the backbone of many games in the franchise. We designed some coloring pages showing Bowser and Mario clashing. Bowser possesses immense strength and stamina. He can perform ground-breaking moves and uses his massive size to his advantage. And Mario uses his agility, jumping skills, and resourcefulness against King Koopa.

6. Bowser Pointing Something

On this coloring page, Bowser stretches one of his large clawed hands, raising a finger to point at a specific target. The movements of his arms and fingers are intentional and powerful, emphasizing his desire to direct his attention to something important. Bowser’s hand gestures are often intended to attract the attention of his minions, allies, or enemies. He may indicate a target for an attack, signal an exit, or draw attention to a valuable item or area of ​​interest.

7. Bowser And Clown Car

Bowser is often seen driving his specially designed Clown Car. He retains his signature look, including his spiked shell, horns, and menacing expression. Bowser’s Clown Car is a colorful circus-themed vehicle. It is often depicted as a small, single-seat aircraft shaped like a clown, with expressive eyes and wide, thick lips. The clown car is equipped with various abilities that aid Bowser in his attempt to thwart Mario and his allies. It can hover mid-air, perform quick maneuvers, and launch attacks from built-in weapons, such as firing fireballs or dropping objects like spiked balls or Bob bombs. When choosing this printable page to color, you choose the right tone for the car’s design and character.

8. Bowser’s Head

Bowser’s head is a distinctive and recognizable aspect of his character design in Super Mario Bros. Bowser’s head has several notable features. He has a large, round head with a reptile-like, turtle-like appearance. His head is adorned with two large, curved horns jutting out from the sides, giving him a fierce and intimidating appearance. Bowser’s eyes are usually narrow and yellow. Bowser has a wild, fiery red mane or hair that falls from the back of his head to his neck. This fiery appearance further accentuates his aggressive and assertive demeanor. His wide grin and bared teeth show his fearsome nature and determination to defeat Mario and capture Princess Peach.

Bowser Coloring Pages – Which will you choose?

Bowser coloring pages provide an engaging and educational activity for kids that promotes creativity, fine motor skills, concentration, emotional expression, and confidence. Each page offers a fun way for kids to interact with a favorite character while enjoying the benefits of coloring. We’re constantly updating our catalog of coloring pages and printable sheets for you to want. You can refer to other characters such as Wario, Mario, or Rosalina on Super Mario Bros. We hope you enjoy the adventures of the characters from the Mario series and his friends. Remember to post pictures of your finished Bowser coloring sheet on our Facebook and Pinterest pages. We can’t wait to see all the creative ways you’ll animate these super cool images.

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