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Goomba is a familiar enemy character in the Mario video game series developed by Nintendo. It is a mushroom-like creature with tiny legs and a distinctive brown color. In the game, the Goomba often walks back and forth on a platform or along the ground, and the player can defeat it by stomping on its head or hitting it with various power-ups. In the same Super Mario Bros game character theme, we provide a collection of Goomba coloring pages with multiple expressions and styles. To start coloring, click on any of the images above, allowing you to print or download directly for free. All these PDF coloring pages are suitable for A4 paper size.

Top Best Goomba Coloring Pages – Free To Print And Color!

Here are detailed descriptions of the most outstanding Goomba coloring pages. You can research to get more practical knowledge about this character.

1. Paragoomba from Super Mario Bros

This coloring page will depict a variation of the regular Goomba enemy, named Paragoomba. Unlike regular Goombas, Paragoombas have wings, allowing them to fly or jump around. Paragoombas usually move in a straight horizontal line, down or up in a zigzag pattern. When stepped on, they lose their wings and become normal Goomba, which can then be defeated by stomping again or hitting with other power-ups.

2. Scared Goomba

Goomba is often known for its aggressive and confident demeanor. However, we designed the character coloring pages according to the scared expression. Instead of the usual scowl or grin, the eyes are large, round with raised eyebrows, and the mouth is slightly open to show a startled or frightened expression. Goomba’s body twitched like it was trembling.

3. Adorable Goomba

A cute version of Goomba is depicted in our coloring pages. Goomba has a sweet and innocent expression with large, round sparkling eyes to show his friendly demeanor. Some illustrations of Goomba are playful or cute poses, such as dancing or appearing with other Goomba in a cute gesture. When painting, you choose a light brown for the body, a light color for the eyes, and a little pink for the cheeks that can help the character look lovely.

4. Goomba And Mario

Goomba appears with Marion in this illustration. Goomba is described as a brown mushroom-like creature with small legs and a scowling expression. Mario wears a classic red and blue outfit, a hat with the letter “M” on it, and a determined expression. We encourage children to use various colors to bring the illustrations to life. They can experiment with shades of brown for Goomba’s body, red and blue for Mario’s outfit, and other vibrant colors for background elements. They can also add details like Goomba’s teeth and Mario’s facial features to make the characters more expressive.

5. Goomba And Background

A coloring page with Goomba and background can provide an immersive and engaging activity for kids. The coloring page introduces Goomba and the background represents the world of Super Mario. The background can have different elements in Super Mario games, such as clouds or brick roads. You can experiment with different shades of brown for Goomba’s body and vibrant colors for the background elements.

Goomba Coloring Pages – Which Will You Choose?

You have just viewed a detailed description of typical Goomba coloring pages. Coloring pages allow children to explore their creativity and imagination by imagining themselves in the Super Mario world. They can create their own story or scenario involving Goomba and the setting, fostering imaginative thinking and storytelling skills. As kids color, they can also participate in discussions about Super Mario games, sharing their favorite levels, characters, or challenges. This can foster social interaction and engagement with others familiar with the game.
Our coloring pages are suitable for all ages, including children, as they focus on the fun and adventurous aspects of the Super Mario world. You can refer to other characters such as Mario, Wario, or Bowser on this topic. After completing the coloring process, you can share the results on Super Mario Bros game fan groups or Our Facebook and Pinterest for everyone worldwide to see.

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