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Possum Coloring Pages

Collect pictures of great climbers from our Possum coloring pages below and give them to the kids to color.

Possum has a long head and pointed snout, rounded naked ears, and a scaly, nearly hairless, prehensile tail that is about half of their total length. Their fore and hind feet have five toes with sharp claws except for the clawless, thumblike, opposable innermost toe on the hind feet.

In North America, Virginia opossum is commonly referred to as Possum. Virginia opossums occupy a wide variety of habitats, from deserts to wet grasslands, but prefer to live in forests and bushes near water sources.

Possums eat almost anything, including fruit, insects, earthworms, eggs, chicks, birds, reptiles, amphibians, small mammals, and the undead. Possums are opportunistic foragers, eating various foods depending on the season. Possum is nocturnal and solitary, active from dusk to dawn.

Here are unique pictures of Possum species you can collect for the little ones to color. All the coloring sheets are free to download or print, so choose the standout coloring pages for the little ones to enjoy with the vibrant colors. Have fun!

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