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If your child is a fan of the Super Mario game, they will no doubt be familiar with the villain Wario from the series. Wario first appeared in Super Mario Land 2: 6 Golden Coins, released in 1992 for the Game Boy. He is portrayed as an anti-hero and arch-enemy of Mario.
We have some great coloring pages for you to try regarding the level of detail and time investment they present. Indeed your child will have fun recreating this character or building his version using different color schemes. Check out some of the best Wario coloring pages available on our website!

Top Best Wario Coloring Pages – Free To Print And Color!

1. Wario is The Arch-Rival Of Mario

Wario’s rivalry with Mario is one of the critical elements of his personality. He is often portrayed as a shield to Mario, both in looks and personality. While Mario is portrayed as a heroic, selfless character, Wario is a greedy and selfish anti-hero. Wario’s motives often revolve around personal gain and wealth accumulation, which puts him at odds with Mario, who constantly tries to rescue Princess Peach and save the Mushroom Kingdom from various threats. Several Wario coloring pages show defiance with raised arms and aggressive facial expressions.

2. Wario with Car

Wario is often associated with vehicles, especially his signature vehicle called a kart. Kids will have fun choosing the colors for the karts and filling in all those details. The kart has good balance, intricate bolts and wheel contours, and a simple overall shape. The car is usually designed to match the colors of the Wario character. It usually has a purple body with yellow accents, such as stripes, trim, or other decorative elements. This is not a picture that will take hours to complete, but it looks very interesting for almost any age. Adults can add details to the kart to make it more interesting.

3. Chibi Wario

The Wario coloring pages refer to a stylized, cute, and exaggerated version of this character. This version of Wario has a giant head relative to its overall body and exaggerated facial features such as a broad smile or a comically large mustache. Chibi Wario can evoke a sense of fun, bringing cuteness and likability to the often mischievous and boisterous Wario character. In terms of color, you can choose to color the iconic Wario character. He wears a purple hat with a yellow “W” symbol, a purple shirt or overalls, and yellow shoes. Wario also has a slightly yellow complexion.

4. Funny Wario

The funny Mario is often depicted with exaggerated facial expressions that convey various emotions, including exaggerated frowns, grinning, or silly expressions. In certain games or situations, Wario can undergo unexpected transformations contributing to his humorous portrayal. For example, he can transform into a miniature, floating version of himself or inflate like a balloon, creating humorous situations and visual jokes. He might engage in silly, funny, or amusing exaggerated dance moves. You can download and print Wario’s happy state-of-the-art coloring pages here for your kids to unleash their creativity this summer vacation.

5. Wario Victory Pos

In some Mario Kart games, Wario raises his two index fingers in a victory pose after winning a race. This gesture is often accompanied by his signature grin, showing his aggressive and competitive nature. This pose is also a recognizable depiction of Wario’s celebration or success in Mario Kart.

6. Flaming Wario

We have a coloring page that represents the state of Wario on fire. However, given the circumstances in some Wario games, such as Super Mario Land 3: Wario Land, a glitch causes Wario’s character to appear as if on fire. This issue can occur under specific circumstances or when manipulating game mechanics in unintended ways.

6. Wario’s Head

Wario’s head has a distinct shape that contributes to his recognizable appearance. For a nice contrast, these Wario head coloring pages come with pre-painted black sections, so it doesn’t take much time for little ones. This will make the project much faster but still produce great-looking results when it’s done.

Wario Coloring Pages – Which will you choose?

We hope you enjoyed coloring in these free Wario coloring pages for kids and adults! Remember that all our images are free to print as often as possible! That means you can experiment with colors and art tools as much as possible and try cool new styles and techniques. Don’t forget to like and share our Facebook page, as it’s the best way to ensure you and your friends never miss out on unique new coloring pages.

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