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Last Updated: July 20, 2023

Have you heard of snakes with a sounding tail? This species is called a rattlesnake. Rattlesnakes hunt both day and night by attracting prey with their vibrating tails. This reptile also has many exciting things waiting for children to discover through coloring pages.

Rattlesnake coloring pages typically feature a single rattlesnake, but they can also feature multiple rattlesnakes or rattlesnakes interacting with other animals. The rattlesnakes are usually depicted in a realistic style but can also be depicted in a cartoony style. All of them are available and free on Coloringpagesonly.com.

Fun Facts About Rattlesnakes Attract Children To Color

Do you know? Rattlesnakes are the only snakes that can shake their tails to make a rattling sound. The rattle comprises segments of the rattlesnake’s tail linked together by loose skin. When the rattlesnake shakes its tail, the segments rub against each other and make a rattling sound. The rattle of a rattlesnake can be heard up to a mile away. This helps the rattlesnake to warn other animals that it is dangerous.

Rattlesnakes are venomous snakes, which can be a source of fascination for children. They are often seen as dangerous animals, which can add an element of excitement to coloring pages. However, it is essential to teach children about respecting and avoiding these animals in the wild.

Rattlesnakes have a striking appearance with distinctive patterns and colors. They often have a combination of light and dark patches on the scales, which can be curious for children to explore with different colors.

Rattlesnakes are often seen as symbols of power and strength in Native American cultures. This can make them a source of interest for children learning about different cultures. Rattlesnake coloring pages are relatively easy to find online or in coloring books. This makes them a convenient and accessible activity for children.

Top Popular Rattlesnake Coloring Page

You can find many rattlesnake coloring pages online on websites. However, we will curate the best coloring pages that depict rattlesnakes. All sites are free and of the best quality for all ages.

Angry Rattlesnake

The rattlesnake is drawn with a bold, aggressive pose, ready to attack. Its scales are depicted with sharp edges, emphasizing its powerful and dangerous nature. The snake’s eyes narrowed, its tongue stuck out, and its fangs revealed anger. To convey the rattlesnake’s anger, you can use dark and bold colors like dark green and brown for the body. You might consider using bright yellow to accentuate the eyes and fangs and create a dramatic contrast.

Angry Rattlesnake Coloring Page

Cute Rattlesnake

The rattlesnake is drawn with a cute and approachable expression. Its eyes were wide and friendly, and its mouth revealed two fangs. The rattlesnake’s body can be depicted with smoother curves and fewer scales to increase its cuteness. To emphasize the cuteness of the rattlesnake, you can use softer and lighter colors. Consider using green or light brown for the body. Brighten your eyes with warm colors like light brown or amber, and add a hint of pink on the tongue for extra glamor.

Cute Rattlesnake Coloring Page

Rattlesnake Color

Rattlesnakes can be drawn with a curled body or in a prominent pose. Smooth curves can describe it. This coloring page focuses on the detailed patterns that cover the rattlesnake’s body. Many different art styles can inspire these patterns. The color palette for this rattlesnake pattern can be vibrant and varied. Choose bold and contrasting colors for the patterns to stand out on the snake’s body. You can use bright colors like blue, green, red, and yellow to create an eye-catching and visually appealing design.

Rattlesnake Color

Rattlesnake Color

Dot to Dot Rattlesnake

The coloring board features a rattlesnake outlined with numbered dots, allowing children to connect the dots numerically to show a complete picture of the rattlesnake. The outline of the rattlesnake is divided into several sections, each of which is numbered. Children can start by connecting the dot labeled “1” with the dot labeled “2” and continue sequentially until they reach the highest number on the sheet. After connecting all the dots, your child can color the rattlesnake. They can use shades of green and brown for the body and add a splash of color to the rattlesnake markings.

Dot to Dot Rattlesnake Coloring Page

Dot to Dot Rattlesnake Coloring Page

Jigsaw Puzzles Rattlesnake 

This coloring board features a rattlesnake broken into pieces like a jigsaw puzzle. Children can color each piece separately and then jigsaw to complete the rattlesnake image. The rattlesnake outline is divided into several puzzle-like sections, each with unique shapes that fit together to form a complete image. The puzzle pieces are boldly outlined, so it’s easy to color, cut and paste. Children can color each puzzle piece individually before putting it together. They can use shades of green, brown, and other colors to create an eye-catching rattlesnake image.

Jigsaw Puzzles Rattlesnake to Color

Jigsaw Puzzles Rattlesnake to Color


The rattlesnake’s distinctive appearance, attractive pattern, and connection to its natural habitat make it a fun and engaging coloring subject. Whether kids like realistic depictions, fun performances, or art patterns, these Rattlesnake coloring pages stimulate creativity. Overall, this fun and enriching activity allows children to connect with nature. Furthermore, by exploring rattlesnake coloring pages, kids can become curious about other Reptiles like Skink and Lizard, inspiring them to seek more coloring pages and educational resources about different species. This can lead to a broader understanding and interest in the natural world.

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