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8 Ideas Color With Finger For Kids

Children will feel the excitement of the art through the most sincere sense of the tactile sensation. Here are10 sample three parents that can hint for baby. But, before you begin, you need prepare of basic instruments such as water color, hairy color, paper and pencils. Parents can be on the side to guide you in each drawing.

1. Color Grapes, Heart, Butterfly with thumb art

The grapes had a circle, extremely suitable for the baby's fingers to have a chance to make up. With heart, you can pair two fingers left together to create it. Similarly you can do so with 4 beautiful butterfly wings.

How to drawing: Dip your fingers into blue water and then spot the adjacent dots forming the grapes as Figure 1. Repeat the action to create more grapes, and then use brown as the ' T ' stalk with a fingernail. With the butterfly you choose pink or Blue as figure 2. And the red to draw heart as Figure 3

2. Pineapple

Your Baby did you have his own pineapple yet?

Thinking of children is a very simple. Therefore, the pineapple will also become simple but not least vivid with only a few colors dots.

How to execute: Use two thumbs to dot the yellow one cluster as Figure 1. Add a few brown rounded spots into the figure 2, finally using the other fingers that portray the blue with its long pointed curves. The pineapple is ready to bring away on display!

3. Drawing tree using thumbs 

This is one of the simplest and most traditional templates for drawing of children's trees. 

How to execute: First for children to use a black paintbrush to paint the trunk, followed by the branches of the tree. Now it's time to add leaves with fingers that are absorbent in green and many other colors. Now, you've got a picture painting a vivid and nice tree.

4. Caterpillar

Above we have instructed you to draw beautiful butterflies. And the butterflies before they become beautiful must undergo a caterpillar. If your kids like it, let help them draw a hungry caterpillar right now. 
How to execute? Don't worry, here are the steps to it: 
The first, you need a sheet of paper. Acrylic or non-toxic colors including green, pink, blue, red, yellow, and brown. 
Then, using the yellow paint to draw the sun, on the top left corner of the paper as figure 1. At the bottom, create three lines using different colored paints, as figure 2. 
The next, caterpillar drawing by dip the index finger in green color paint and make seven adjoining circles, in a slightly linear/curvy fashion, as figure 3.
Add an orange circle for the head. Use a toothpick to add eyes and antennas to the head, and legs to the rest of the body.
The hungry caterpillar is ready to eat! You like it, don't you? 

5. Beautiful Balloon

Kids enjoyed the balloons of many colors. And they are also used to decorate in a lot of different events. Do you want to paint the colorful balloons by using the fingers? 
Today, we will teach for you how to draw air balloons using thumb impression paintings or finger prints. Now start! 

1. Pens (Black sketch pen or drawing pencil)
2. White drawing paper
3. Set of acrylic colors – use as many bright and cheerful colors as you want.
How to execute:

– Step 1: Filling the top of the page with colorful thumb or index finger prints, as figune 1. 
– Step 2: Leaving a gap of two inches, draw a square using the black sketch. The top of the square is a tad bit longer on either side. Then, draw a smiley face on the basket and draw a 3D trapezium on top of the square to complete the basket. See figune 2. 
– Step 3: Connect some of the balloons at the bottom to the basket using straight lines, as figune 3.

A lot of beautiful balloons many pretty colors are completed. Now you can take away decorating your house. Have fun!

6. Finger Turkey

Thanksgiving day is coming here. Why don't you draw a couple of turkeys to decorate for Thanksgiving party? This is a magnificent finger turkey that you cannot eat. Wish you success! 

7. Finger Funny Frogs

Your kids will definitely love to paint these fun frogs with their fingers. Very easy, you can see bellow: 
1. Prepare these simple tools: 
– Black sketch pen or drawing pencil
– White drawing paper
– Green acrylic paint, brown paint
2. How to execute: 
– Step 1: Dip your thumb in the paint and create a horizontal impression on the paper. Dip it again and create another thumb impression right on top of the first one, creating a stack like structure.
Create three such thumb stacks, leaving enough space in between to add two smaller stacks using your index finger. See figune 1
– Step 2: Take brown paint in another container and dip the thumb in it. Create vertical thumb impressions as shown in figune 2.
– Step 3: Use the black sketch pen to add details such as legs, eyes, and mouth for each frog, and the stems. As figune 3

8. Finger Painting Flower

The tree we painted earlier were still. Now we draw finger flower. Are you ready? 

You need prepare: 
1. White drawing paper
2. Yellow, red, purple, black and green color finger paints 
3. Or green paint and a thin paintbrush
How to execute: 

Step 1: Start with thin green lines at the bottom, for green leaves and flower trunk 
Step 2: Dip the thumb in the red ink or paint and start painting the red flowers.
Step 3: Dip the thumb in the purple ink or paint and start painting the purple flowers.
Step 4: Dip the thumb in the yellow ink or paint and start painting the yellow flowers.
Step 5: Dip the thumb in the black ink or paint and start painting the pistil flowers, to complete the picture.



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