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Teddy and Bulldog coloring pages: irresistible cuteness of adorable animals

Teddy and Bulldog coloring pages: irresistible cuteness of adorable animals. I no longer clearly remember the world of things in my eyes when I was a child. Through the joy and dynamism of children, I only know one thing: that their world is diverse in things.

The children’s world is always the creation of cute things. Therefore, the world of children’s toys is also extremely rich in different aspects. Maybe the things you find ordinary but for children are favorites.

Let your child discover the simplest familiar things, like learning to color objects. Teddy and Bulldog coloring pages will be practical and functional toys for children to learn.


Teddy coloring pages: It’s an indispensable gift for children who love teddy bears

Indeed each of us is too familiar with lovely, happy Teddy bears, right? But few people know exactly how they were born or who created them.

A Teddy bear is a bear-shaped stuffed animal with many different sizes and materials. This toy was produced by Morris Michtom (USA) and Richard Steiff (Germany) in the early 20th century.

At first, teddy bears resembled real bears with long snouts and small round eyes. Later, people edited the bears to become more adorable, with big round eyes, broad foreheads, and smaller noses.

Since their birth, teddy bears have always been a popular toy worldwide for all ages, often used as gifts on holidays and birthdays gifts.

Teddy and Bulldog coloring pages: irresistible cuteness of adorable animals

Printable Teddy coloring sheets

The birth of the Teddy bear is related to an actual historical story. In 1902, US President – Theodore Roosevelt had a hunting trip in Mississippi.

But for three days without hunting anything, his servants were unwilling to return empty-handed; they chased a black bear and showed him to shoot it down, collecting the spoils for themselves.

However, the president refused to shoot down the wounded bear. This story was passed to a cartoonist who drew a picture in The Washington Post on November 16, 1902, with a cute stylized bear.

In New York, a shop owner, Morris Michtom, saw this painting and created a new toy. The stuffed toy he displayed by the window with a sign that reads “Teddy’s bear” (Teddy is an abbreviation for Theodore).

At the same time, the toy company STEIFF, a German company, knew nothing about Michtom’s toys. They produced the first teddy bear model designed by Richard Steiff for reference exhibiting toys at the Leipzig Toy Fair in March 1903; the company exported 3,000 teddy bears to the United States.

By 1906, the Teddy bear had become a worldwide fad. President Roosevelt used the Teddy bear image as his symbol in his re-election bid for the White House.

Because of being so familiar with the image of Teddy that the baby will quickly discover the Teddy coloring sheets, he will not be too surprised about the pictures on the coloring page.

Baby can easily recognize Teddy’s lovely image, what color he should choose for Teddy’s clothes, and what color he should select for Teddy’s cute and cheerful pictures.

When the baby is familiar with things in life, he can also choose colors to suit the characteristics of things when coloring. Or your baby can freely create different versions of Teddy that he likes.


Teddy Bear with a Bow


Happy Teddy Bear with Balloons


Bulldog coloring pages: Bulldog is the hero of dogs

A bulldog is a pet that many people love. Despite being a giant, fierce dog breed, they are loyal and friendly. You will want to adopt this dog at first contact.

The Bulldog, also known as the English Bulldog, is a dog breed that has existed for a long time. The origin of this breed is the ancient Asian Mastiff breed, which developed in England.

Today, the Bulldog breed has characteristics that are far from its ancestors. The Bulldog has an aggressive appearance with a short, broad, and very muscular body.

However, their most extraordinary feature is the wrinkles that line up in layers from the nose to the eyes. Dogs’ eyes are usually black, their ears are small, and they are permanently lowered. Dog hair is generally short, close to the body, and colorful.

Unlike their fierce appearance, they are pretty friendly pet dogs and can take care of the house very well. Although there are stubborn individuals, everything will go into order if you understand their personality and strictness.

Printable Bulldog coloring sheets

If, in real life, children feel that Bulldog is an unapproachable, somewhat fierce, unfriendly dog, when coloring Bulldog images in Bulldog coloring sheets, children will be pretty surprised at how adorable Bulldogs are.

We have wholly built cute pictures suitable for children’s psychology and preferences. The images of a Bulldog wearing a hat, sleeping, or playing with the baby will all be suitable for children to get acquainted with them.


Fierce Bulldog to Print


Young Bulldog



Children can create and color with other coloring subjects: Husky, Pitbull, and Puppy.

According to our many feedbacks, Teddy and Bulldog coloring pages are one of many products chosen by parents and children to have fun and exercise their creativity.

Because coloring activities are perfect for children’s development, the products’ content is familiar and cute images in the eyes of young children.

Nowadays, more and more children play games on their phones; it is also worth noting that parents separate children from mobile devices. And for children, coloring is also a good measure; liking color will make children forget about mobile devices.

Besides, coloring also helps children practice patience, slowly completing a picture so that it is beautiful, and during that process, the child only thinks about the pictures.


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