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Tips About Water Colors For Children

Crayon is one of the easier for beginners to color; watercolor is quite difficult for them. However using watercolors will be more fun, interesting and easy when you have the equipment and simple techniques for watercolors. Watercolor is a method of painting; the paints are made of water-based solution. The material for watercolor painting is paper that is the most common support. There are some other supports like plastics, leather, wood fabric and many more.

In this post we will give some tips for using watercolor in coloring for the beginners. Read on the tutorial and start to paint and color your artworks.


This is basic equipment in the liquid paint. You need to prepare watercolor paper that you can buy at the store art tools. Watercolor paper has thickness and texture so it is the best for painting with watercolors. You don't be used of printer paper. The second thing is mechanical pencil to draw the outline and sketchers. The third is eraser; you can use a highlighter brand, mono or many more. Using paint brush for cleaning dust eraser, there are 3 kinds of sizes for watercolor brush, they are small, medium and larger. Using a sharp edges brush to paint for small details. The next thing is a dropper that to add water on the palette.


For painting peacock watercolor using the palette is better than using dishes and containers. You must use at least two containers of water. One is for mixing the painting and other is to clean brushes. The best thing is that don't use only one container of water as it will be faster cloudy and thicken for washing brushes and it can spoil your pictures when you reuse mixed water.

To create a blurring effect or make the white point or highlight with the opaque white that is mixed with paint. Using a watercolor quality grade for brands or students with quality brands is the other choice to use poster paint white. To draw small details and retouching you should use colored pencils. To create a fog effect or airbrush effects using soft panel that is used with cotton bud or wool. Tissue is also important and necessary material tool in watercolor technique. Use tissue size is to clean the brush and absorb water from the wet paper.


In a sketchbook making a sketch in it, and then the original picture on watercolor paper. You should scratch gentle pressure when drawing, in order to be easily removed if you have any mistakes. Now start coloring from skin. Place areas remain white paper to make a highlight effect on the cheeks and then paint it with wet technique. Put a piece of paper on your palms when dyeing; avoid laying a hand on the surface wet or moisture.


After reading this post, you know how to use tips for water coloring. Now instruct your kids with these basic tips. You can know more about complement tools of coloring crayon tips and Coloring Pages. Find and discover the patterns of coloring sheets to apply on your drawings. Have fun!


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