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How do you use watercolors in coloring activities?

Having useful Tips when using watercolors

People will often use crayons rather than watercolors when starting with coloring. Crayons are easy tools, but if you learn and start getting used to watercolor, you’ll love them too.

There are many different types of watercolors available today, and let’s find out what’s so special about using watercolor!

This post will give some tips for using watercolors in coloring for beginners. Read the tutorial and start drawing and coloring your works of art.


How to color:

When using watercolors, the most important thing is how to mix colors. Because watercolor will have several primary colors, the user’s task is to use those colors to combine or combine with water to create new colors. Therefore, you must learn about colors and color schemes when using watercolor.

When coloring, you need to determine what colors the picture you paint will have. Do you already have that color in your palette? And can you use the colors in the palette to create the color you need?

When children often use watercolors, children will have a lot of knowledge about colors, how to choose colors, and color combinations.

Watercolors painting:

To learn how to paint a beautiful watercolor or learn the wet-on-wet technique, you need to understand the essence of this painting.

That technique takes advantage of the gradation of watercolors when combined with ordinary water to create color patches that do not follow the rules and break the way.


First, prepare the paper, then take a paintbrush to spread a thin, ordinary layer of water on the paper’s surface. Then you can paint on or drop by watercolors to create different splashes, unleashing your creativity.

Learning many new colors:

In creativity, color is unlimited. We can create a lot of new colors from the primary colors. Each color will be different and develop a variety of color palettes. So you have to learn and research new colors. When you use unique colors, your painting will have more emphasis and be more impressive.


How to correct mistakes when using watercolors:

When you use watercolor, you will make mistakes in the process. If you use crayons, you will easily use an eraser to erase. However, when using watercolors, if the watercolor dries on the paper, it will be difficult to remove the color because that can tear the paper.

If the watercolor is not yet dry, use a soft and thin paper towel to absorb the water, then try to mix a darker color than you need. Thus, you can easily cover the old paint on the paper without tearing the paper.


Many notes when using watercolors:

When using watercolor, try to pick colors and mix them well before painting them on paper. During the painting process, you should avoid touching the colors on the article because it will easily be smeared when the color is not dry.

When painting with water, your color will look uneven and beautiful if you don’t pay close attention. If you are proficient in coloring with watercolors, you will have a good aptitude for painting.

We encourage you to experiment with a variety of colors. That will ensure the experience and knowledge of you and your child.

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