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Teach coloring skills to child

First, you have to teach children to identify and distinguish colors. You can teach colors to kid by through play and everyday life experiences. It's the best and fastest for your kids remembering colors. Many children easily learn their colors as parents and caregivers point out color attributes on the objects in children’s environment. Such as, flowers are pink; Throw me the red ball; Or naming colors while putting them into rainbow order etc. All of these color activities, parents and caregivers can call attention to the colors in order to facilitate children’s learning of colors. It is the premise for teaching coloring skills to children later.

What skills do they need to overcome these difficulties?

If your child is between 2 or 3 years old, teach them how to first take the pen.

* Determine which hand is hand-handed: hand-handed is used to grip pencils or scissors when cut. You can use these phrases as "hand-guided" or "hand-assisted" to help children understand the role of each hand and how to coordinate two hands together to do something.

+ "Hand-guided" is the child's hand.

+ The other hand, "hand-assisted" is the child's uneasy hand, used to fixed the paper or the book, which helps to draw, color, write letters or cut the paper easier.

* Guide the young way to grip the pencil or pen color before, then the new ask child to try to do. Start with the same types of pencils or colored pens. Hints for the child to use unfavorable hands, or "hand-assisted", keeping paper or books.

+ To make it easier, use a big colored pencil/pen or use a pencil-assisted tool (such as a drawing).

+ If the child is difficult to use pencil or color pen, for the child to use finger to color is also a good way to practice and coordinate the mobilization.

* When the new begins, let the kid coloring the big picture, simple cubes with contour around the bold. Ascending difficulty with smaller paintings, more complex cubes and contour around the piece.

* Child support by Pre-modeling for the child, using a visual schedule, suggestion, or full support by a child's handset if needed.

* Encourages, noting and praise when children try to fulfill their own things alone.

* If the child has difficulties with drawing or coloring activities, parents can develop coordination skills and hand-work through the color action with fingers, play land or play with other small objects that need to use hand-operated motor vehicles such as printing, straightening etc.

* Create opportunities for youngsters to improve planetary motor skills. For example, instead of opening the BIM BIM package for the child, first so that children try to open themselves. Take some children's toys into a sealed bag and let children try to open their pockets, let children play the land or let children to open their containers.

And an important thing that is you have to teach your child to concentrate. The child will learn better drawing if there is focus and attention. To help children improve their skills and be able to participate in school activities, they should learn to focus, pay attention when doing activities.

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