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Poppy and Trolls coloring pages: Unusual cartoon characters are always special for children

Poppy and Trolls coloring pages: Unusual cartoon characters are always special for children.

We all know that young children love tiny, cute, adorable, and somewhat funny things. However, fancy things always make them more curious than ordinary everyday objects. The same goes for cartoon characters, of course. At first, it can be surprised, bewildered, then curious and excited. I have witnessed many babies opening their eyes wide in amazement when they saw strangely shaped cartoon characters appear on television. Some characters scare them, and some characters will delight them. We will learn about cartoon characters that are trolls, but they will be cuter than the name suggests. Poppy and Trolls coloring pages hope to be a new character in your children’s collection of cartoon coloring pages.

Poppy and Trolls coloring sheets

Poppy and Trolls coloring pages: This is Party of music.

In the town of the trolls, the inhabitants sing and dance in endless happiness. Princess Poppy is always optimistic and somewhat naive at the heart of every party. The complete opposite is the gray Branch guy, who is always afraid of the return of the Bergen, giants that eat trolls. The other trolls mock the Branch for not joining in on the fun. Then right at a party, a Bergen appeared and took away many trolls. To rescue them, Poppy must enlist the help of Branch and his knowledge of Bergen species. Upon arriving in the town of Bergen, they befriend the maid Bridget who is in love with the king. The trolls promise to help Bridget conquer the people of her dreams in exchange for her helping them. Trolls continue to promote DreamWorks’ strengths of beautiful images and meaningful stories. Each song sounded along with the exciting dance that captivated viewers from the very beginning. All of them exude the fun and positive spirit of the movie. The great scene of the forest, the dwarf village, or the town of Bergen is delicately depicted. Meanwhile, the shaping of the characters is taken care of in every little detail. The audience can immediately choose their favorite character among the trolls. It can be the big guy who is kind or carries a pet worm, a funny giraffe-like troll, twins with hair stuck together. Meanwhile, the Bergen appear as creatures. Scary, specializing in eating trolls, but also cute characters like the maid Bridget.

Based on a somewhat simple story, the success of Trolls comes from the soundtrack. Before watching the movie, most viewers probably already know the song “Can’t Stop the Feeling!”. It Stormed the charts in those years. That is the song written by Justin Timberlake for the Trolls soundtrack. Besides “Can’t Stop the Feeling!”, Trolls offers many other attractive songs such as “True Colors”, “The Sound of Silence”, “Hello”, or “Get Back Up Again”. Music is like a flowing stream that takes viewers through many different levels, from romantic (Hello) to warm human love (True Colors), from humorous (Get Back Up Again) to vibrant (Can’t) Stop the Feeling!). Although using many old songs, the remix method still creates a new feeling. It is considered the movie of the actual musical party.

Trolls coloring pages bring a new color. You will surely sway to the music when coloring if you have seen the movie and listened to the soundtrack. And if the children have not heard the soundtrack or watched the movie, let’s listen to these songs again to color the picture more alive. The playful images drawn on the Trolls coloring pages are obvious. Although the pictures are only black and white drawings, we will have countless beautiful pictures creatively colored with different children’s versions.

Poppy coloring pages: pictures of a cute and naughty little girl.

Poppy coloring pages are the image of the main character Poppy in the  Trolls cartoon. Poppy is incredibly noble and responsible as she risks her life on a perilous journey to save her friends. Poppy discovered that being honest with anyone else was always the best answer. Poppy’s lovely appearance will make children more interested in coloring. Poppy has rosy skin with rosy cheeks and glistening freckles. Her hair color is a darker pink and floats in the air naturally. A blue dress, a green headband with blue flowers, and a purple-blue Hug Time bracelet to bloom a pink flower when it’s time to hug is what we are found in Poppy. Poppy’s role model has a unique head, and any other troll doesn’t share her hairstyle. It’s much more rounded and less comprehensive than the standard Troll. Her dress and headband are also uniquely designed. Lovely pictures like these will delight children, and coloring is the perfect way to have fun coloring and exercise thinking and creative skills.

In addition, we have a lot of coloring pictures of many other characters in the Trolls cartoon. If the little ones like it the most, please ask your parents to refer and download it to color. All of our paintings are quality and free.

Poppy coloring pages

Poppy and Branch

Trolls coloring pages

Bridget From Trolls

Coloring activities for pictures are considered creative and connect friendship and family love. There is nothing better than when friends or family members join in to color the characters or objects that everyone loves. We hope Poppy and Trolls coloring sheets and many other coloring pages will bring joy and interest to children because they are exciting.


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