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Coloring Tips For Using Colored Pencils

You love drawing and coloring, you want to have nice pictures, you need to have some techniques for coloring or how to use colored pencils. People have some their own techniques and tips even if the professionals who use ways to color like a child early age. In this post, we will share some coloring tips for using colored pencils that can help children to develop their talents and hobbies. There are six techniques of colored pencils, they are hatching, pointillism/stippling, cross-hatching, scumbling, giving solid color and back and forth strokes. Read on and download and print out free printable coloring pages for practicing.


The fist tip is Stippling

Stippling or Pointillism is simply the art, using fine dots to create depth and texture in your artwork. You need colors that will stand out on the page. Choosing high contrast colors will be better. You try combining three shapes of the same color: dark, mid tone and light. Varying the amount of dots if you want to create shade and depth, for lighter areas, using dots more sparsely, for darker areas, add more dots.


The second tip is Hatching

Hatching is mean shaded. Mechanical hatches are quite easy to implement in a technique using colored pencils. To form a color a shade you can make parallel lines. These shaded lines should be unidirectional. These lines can be far or close together. After each line the colored pencil is lifted from the paper and then placed down again to create a new line.


The third tip is Cross-Hatching

It is hatching technique development. The hatching technique is to create parallel lines in the same direction; in contrast, cross-hatching techniques have to override color pencil parallel lines based on the hatching technique. This is a perfect technique to create shading in a drawing. By using cross-hatching you can make some interesting textures for your picture.


The fourth tip is Back and Forth Strokes

This is the most common and the first shading technique all of us learned when we are young. We can easily to see image through coloring pictures with color pencil of a child’s kindergarten or early childhood. This technique just move the pencil in a back and forth motion at a more rapid speed all towards the same direction. When coloring, your hands just need to move back and forth. Just this way you can create a solid color.


The fifth tip is Scumbling

It is a technique that making continuous circular marks on your picture without lifting your pencil. This is a brilliant way for keeping the shading tight and blends very well.


The last tip is giving solid color

You only need to move the circular colored pencil; you don't need to lift it. Turning technique is good. By rotating repeatedly pencil on the paper, you will have a paper stained color.


Now it is time for practicing with these drawing techniques above. You master six techniques for colored pencils; start to teach your kids. The children will have many ways to explore the hobby of coloring.


Coloring is an interesting and engrossing activity for children. It offers imaginative, creative, cognitive and psychological skills for kids. Children will happier and healthier with coloring, it also brings a lot of fun to their daily routine. Coloring should be introduced to children as early as possible. It will develop fine motor skills and a lot more interesting hobby for them. There are many coloring pages for children. ColoringPagesOnly.Com has many fine and large collections of coloring sheets that keep your children busy for hours; you will have time to do your works.


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