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Shrek and Lion King coloring pages: Cartoon companions to accompany your children

Shrek and Lion King coloring pages: Cartoon companions to accompany your children. Among the countless cartoon characters, some characters are famous from a long time ago that every generation of children knows.

Our coloring pages will recreate these classic cartoon characters, especially Shrek and Lion King coloring pages; cute and lovely characters will become your baby’s little friends.

Shrek coloring pages: Does the kind ogre Shrek scare the children?

Shrek is an animated movie about a kind ogre of the same name. This elf shepherd is living happily in a swamp. When he saved a stubborn and talkative donkey Donkey from Lord Farquaad’s men, peace was broken.

Farquaad is obsessed with being ruled in a “perfect kingdom” where no fairy-tale creatures live. But he can only truly become a king if he marries a princess.

Thanks to the Magic Mirror, he chose Princess Fiona, imprisoned in a castle in the middle of a volcano by a fire-breathing dragon.

Farquaad chased all the fairy creatures into Shrek’s swamp, so Shrek and Donkey set out to the Duloc Kingdom to reclaim their peaceful life. With Donkey’s help, Shrek defeated them all.

Farquaad has an idea; he declares Shrek has won the knight selection match and agrees to bring the fairy creatures out of the swamp if Shrek saves Fiona. After escaping, Fiona orders Shrek to remove his helmet so that she can give him her first kiss.

Unable to refuse, Shrek shows her his face, and Fiona realizes it is an ogre and not the knight of her dreams. Fiona refused to return to Duloc with Shrek, but he carried her back to Duloc.

They Overcome many difficulties, the curse is broken, and at the end of the film, the two get married and go on a honeymoon in a chariot made from onions.

Shrek coloring pages

Printable Shrek coloring sheets

Shrek is a cartoon with a unique and exciting plot idea for children. If the kids love the film and the characters in the story, they can download our coloring pictures to explore.

Shrek coloring pages are lovely, cute characters suitable for children’s interests. Shrek the green elf is a lovable character from the Shrek series. The beautiful Princess Fiona is Shrek’s other half; Shrek’s best friend is a talking donkey.

Also, you can color Puss in Boots, the cat, and the dragon that fought against Shrek to rescue the princess. These coloring pages are beautiful; The funny pictures will make the little ones not bored when coloring.

You can meet Shrek cartoon characters through our Shrek coloring page to discover interesting things together. Shrek coloring pages also help children exercise their coloring ability and creative thinking in intellectual development.


Friendly Shrek


Shrek and Fiona

Lion King coloring pages: childhood comes back to life with Lion King

The Lion King is the most successful name compared to many Disney contemporaries, such as Aladdin, Beauty and the Beast, and Mulan. Although it was released a long time ago, many of the film’s achievements have persisted.

The Lion King opens with the birth of the lion Simba, son of Mufasa, lord of all things. The little prince is expected to become a majestic king like his father.

Everything would have gone so smoothly without Scar, Simba’s uncle – or Mufasa’s brother. A sly and cunning man is always lurking to usurp the throne of that kid. Until one day, an accident occurred.

The king dies, the traitor usurps the throne, and the prince finds a new path, revives his spirit, and discovers himself before he can face the biggest challenge of his life.

He has scattered throughout the film thanks to the loveliness of the characters and the personification of them by the producer. You will have a lot of laughter when watching the movie to help relieve the slow, even dull, movie circuit even though the movie’s plot is happening continuously.

Evaluation of the movie The Lion King can be told that The Lion King is the only classic Disney animated film that every target audience can see and feel good about because what the movie revolves around is not a single movie.

A promising young man gets a magic lamp or a romance between beauty and an animal. On the contrary, the Lion King brings many engaging lessons about life, even though it only has a story about the growth of the private monk Simba and meaningful tasks.

Lion King coloring pages

Printable Lion King coloring sheets

Have you guys seen The Lion King? Does your child love the characters in the movie? Come to Lion king coloring pages; we have total character coloring pages: Simba, Mufasa, Zazu and Rafiki, Nala, Timon and Pumba, and even Scar are here; choose your favorite coloring pages child’s favorite to print or download for free, and color you like.

We always design, collect and compile coloring pages to help you have the latest ones to satisfy your passion for color. Lion King coloring pages will help your child manage and create with many different colors and characters.

Coloring will help children develop thinking and train them to focus on high work. The content of Lion King coloring pages is all cute and lovely characters suitable for children, which will be the subject of interest for children in learning and playing.


The Lion King Simba


The King Mufasa And Simba Lion King

Parents can refer to Lion Guard coloring pages to choose beautiful and unique coloring pages for their children.


Coloring pictures can help children recognize lines, composition, colors, tones, shapes, and patterns. As such, this aids the child in deciding which colors to use in the following pictures.

Coloring also helps improve confidence in young children. Completing a drawing will give the child the feeling that he has completed the job, thereby building his self-esteem and confidence.

Therefore, in the first few years of a child’s life, parents should support their child’s comprehensive development by choosing appropriate coloring topics such as Shrek and Lion King coloring pages to have fun playing and learning without boredom. 


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