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Coloring pages and 5 Interesting ways to introduce coloring for peschool kids!

With preschool kids, taking part in activities is good for them. Coloring pages are one of the most famous and popular activities is coloring; it provides lifelong advantages to them.

Coloring is a simple activity; however, it develops little children’s creation, psychology, and cognition. Young kids love colors, which lead to healthier and happier lives.

In order to have good results, parents should introduce and supply the knowledge of color to kids before entering school.

The preparation will help them quickly respond when entering kindergarten. Have you had ways to introduce colors to your children? If not, read on this post and discover.

1. Crayons:

Coloring Pages
Coloring Pages

Take colored pencils, crayon sets, markers, coloring pages for kids, or a coloring book. Focus on coloring one color, you can ask them, “Which color do you like?” When they select one, if they don’t know “That is yellow. Do you want to make a yellow cat? Now that cat is yellow.”

2. Fruits:

Coloring Pages
Coloring Pages

Fruit is suitable for kids’ health. Apart from enjoying the delicious fruits, children can learn colors through them. Fruits are a tremendous educative tool to teach color to little kids. Let kids know about fruits, their name along with tha, and the coloroose fruits that have many colors, your kids not only taste of the delicious fruit but also learn colors on each fruit.

For example, when teaching red, eat strawberries and tomatoes; yellow, eat mangos and bananas; green, eat green, apples and cucumbers, orange, eat oranges and carrots; and many more. And ask your toddler”: “Can you tell me what color this is?”

Or cut out the fruits and their outlines from the printouts. Make a map for types of fruits, stick the fruits and outline against each other. Give this map to your kids, he or she will be excited to tell the names and color of fruits.

When they answer them correctly, ask the kids to pick up the mentioned colored crayon from his crayon set and color. This activity is fun and can help a child learn about fruits and their colors too.

3. Flowers:

Coloring Pages
Coloring Pages

This way will bring many fun and exciting things for your kids. If you have a garden, you and your toddler can walk, enjoy the beauty of nature and it is a great way to introduce colors for lovely children. You can submit the names and color of the leaves and flowers. If your children know about color, let him or her mention colors of flowers and leaves in the garden.

4. Using objects in the house:

Coloring Pages
Coloring Pages

This is the simplest way for your kids to recognize colors. There are many objects in the house and they have different colors. You can use two blocks”. “This block is yellow and green. Which one is yellow?”

Once your children are familiar with the color, let them say the name and color of the equipment in the house.

5. Schedule clothes:

This is a simple and unique way for children to remember colors. In a day you can change many clothes with different colors and say the name of the paint loudly; your kids will repeat this color and remember it.

By this way, on the days of week your little children can take the color of clothes according to the schedule. They will remember colors before entering school.

Or you and your kids play dress up game. Lay out a variety of clothes and accessories. Ask them to pick up and put on colored items. Moreover, you ask them to sort colored clothes such as, white, black, red, pink, etc.

Teaching your kids about color is an essential task of early learning. Learning colors is an excellent way for children to enjoy and engage with rainbow colors around them. With these ways you can combine lessons about stains in your everyday life and make your kids have fun.


Let children learn to draw and color at a young age not only for fun but also to help them to get used to the images, widgets, and colors that make their imagination fly higher.

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