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Learn How To Draw A Hello Kitty Of Your Very Own

Hello all who love Hello Kitty! 

As you know Hello Kitty is a fictional cartoon character pruduced by the Japannese company Sanrio, created by Yuko Shimizu and currently designed by Yuko Yamaguchi.

Hello Kitty is one of the most popular and recognizable characters in the world. Because, Hello Kitty is weighgt the same as three apples and five apples tall. She is a perpetual 3rd-grade student. Though she appears to be anthropomorphic, according to her creators she is not a cat: she is simply a cartoon character, and everyone knows the iconic white kitty with a pink lace, lovely red bow and many different costumes, and absent mouth that is mysteriously cute as hell.

Different from other character, Hello Kitty didn't begin with a television series, comic book, or movie. Instead, she was a marketing tool for the Sanrio Co. of Japan. Sanrio’s founders realized that everyday products sold better when they featured cute characters; therefore, Hello Kitty became the poster child for kawaii, or Japanese cuteness. This little kitty was originally marketed to young girls on school supplies, but her appeal has grown to include teenagers and adults as well. Today, Hello Kitty can be found on everything from clothing to bumper stickers to diamond jewelry.

Would you like to draw Hello Kitty? Today, we will help you learn how to draw a Hello Kitty of your very own.
You will need:
– Pencil
– Pen
– Eraser
– Paper
– Colored pencils or crayons

In each step our draw is accompanied by an illustration. Each new sketch is shown to be blue. The old lines are shown in black. You will need to be erased some lines, called guide lines as you go along. Then – color it!

Let's start! Follow step by step our easy indications below!

Step 1: Drawing a large circle

Step 2: Draw two rounded triangles on the top of the circle to form the ears.

Step 3: Erase the guide lines from beneath the ears

Step 4: Draw a circle below one ear. From each side of the circle, extend a curved line to enclose an irregular shape. This will form Hello Kitty’s bow.

Step 5: Erase the guide lines from within the bow.

Step 6: Draw an irregular, enclosed shape below and overlapping the head. The shape will resemble an oval with a flattened bottom edge.

Step 7: Within the shape, draw a long, curved line parallel to one side. Extend a curved line horizontally from this line to the opposite side of the shape. Then, extend two curved lines downward from the middle of the horizontal line.

Step 8: Erase the guide lines from around the body.

Step 9: On one side of the body, just below the head, draw an oval. Allow a curve to extend from the bottom of the oval, forming the thumb.

Step 10: Draw a curved line on the opposite side, extending from the head to mid-body. Again, allow the curve to form the shape of the thumb.

Step 11: Draw a curved line below the neck, and another across each arm.

Step 12: Erase the guide lines from the arm.

Step 13: Draw two curved, parallel lines across the body.

Step 14: From the lines, extend a wavy, flowing curved line. This enclosed shape will form Hello Kitty’s dress.

Step 15: Erase the guide lines from the legs and dress.

Step 16: Draw two curved, parallel lines across each leg.

Step 17: Draw another curved line across the bottom of each leg.

Step 18: Draw two circles and an oval in the middle of the face to form the eyes and nose. Shade the circles.

Step 19: Using curved lines, draw whiskers extending from each side of the face. Enclose an irregular oval shape on each side of the knot of the bow

Step 20: Color Hello Kitty. Don’t forget that her favorite color is pink!

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