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All Coloring Pages Of Pokemon

Are you a fan of Pokemon? Does your child love and want to explore Pokemon coloring pages? Let’s find out together the exciting things in these coloring pages. 

The original Pokemon is an adaptation of the Pokemon video games on the Game Boy system in 1996. In 1997, the anime followed the adventures of the boy Ash on the road to conquering the world and fulfilling his dream of becoming a great trainer with his beloved Pokemon – Pikachu. Pikachu has become the Pokemon that represents the whole franchise thanks to the success of Pokemon Anime. 

Ash’s story is about a lovely and intelligent boy who received a Pokemon on his tenth birthday. He is crazy about these gifts. Professor Oak has brought strange creatures to his class. Ash has decided to choose one of 3 Pokemons – Squirtle, Charmander, and Bulbasaur. But these Pokemons disappeared overnight, except for Pikachu. So Pikachu later became his best friend. Ash has ambitions to become the best Pokemon trainer in the entire world. So he has exciting adventures in catching all the Pokemons. It’s a challenge for Ash to do his mission and try to fulfill his dream. Are children attracted? Do children want to discover the adventures of him and his Pokemon? Let’s explore exciting anime characters through Pokemon coloring pictures. Colors bring joy and happiness to kids and adults.

Moreover, painting and coloring also show the baby’s intelligent thinking, states, and emotions, helping nurture a fresher and more colorful children’s soul. We provide a variety of Printable Pokemon coloring pages for you to select on Coloringpagesonly.com. You can download, print, or color online Pokemon coloring page.

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