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Follow Amin Nawabi, soon-to-be-married, sharing the story of her hidden past for the first time as she fled her homeland of Afghanistan for asylum in Denmark through our free printable Flee coloring pages.

Flee is a 2021 Danish adult animated documentary film directed by Jonas Poher Rasmussen. It tells the story of a man with the alias Amin Nawabi, who first shared his hidden past while fleeing his country.

Flee received unanimous acclaim from film festivals and critics, praising its animation, story, thematic content, themes, and LGBT representation.

This powerful animated documentary brimming with compassion and empathy, is one of the standouts.

“What does home mean to you?” That was Flee’s central question. With Flee, home is perhaps not a place but a feeling of security.

And you, what does home mean to you? The Flee coloring sheets will be meaningful coloring sheets for you. Flee is a beautiful movie. Flee coloring pages help you experience a childhood filled with abuse and helplessness, and the scars left behind have the power to remind those of us who are endowed with freedoms.

Instantly download or print the Flee coloring pages and make them stand out. Have fun and get creative now!

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