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Last Updated: June 26, 2024

This collection of 78 Donald Duck coloring pages introduces everyone’s favorite Disney character in all-new adventures. These coloring pages will feature many images of Donald in different situations and emotions, which will help children unleash their creativity and express their love with this cute duck.

Donald Duck, a white duck with a distinctive orange-yellow beak, has become a beloved cartoon icon worldwide. With a hot-tempered but humorous and kind personality, Donald always brings laughter and joy to everyone. 

These Donald Duck coloring sheets are a colorful collection of memorable moments from this famous duck. Each coloring page clearly shows Donald’s unique personality and appearance, from fun moments with friends Mickey, Minnie Mouse, Goofy, and Pluto to exciting adventures with his girlfriend Daisy Duck.

All coloring pages are available for free in high quality and standard size. You can easily download and print out your favorite coloring pages immediately. You are also free to share these coloring pages with friends and relatives to enjoy the fun of coloring together.

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Top Criteria For Selecting Donald Duck Coloring Sheets

With the criteria for choosing Donald Duck coloring pictures below, you will definitely find the most suitable images for your children to unleash their creativity and explore the colorful world of this lovely cartoon duck.

Age and Ability

Your child’s age and ability are among the most important criteria when choosing Donald Duck coloring sheets. Choosing the right picture will help your child feel more interested and comfortable when coloring. For children under five years old, children of this age often like simple, recognizable images and bright colors. Therefore, you should choose pictures with large, clear lines, few details, and large spaces so your child can easily color. This will help your child not be overwhelmed and complete the picture quickly, creating a feeling of success and excitement about coloring.

When your children get used to coloring and concentrate better, you can choose more complex pictures with many details and colors. This will help your baby develop observation, creativity, and patience. Children can also freely express their personality and interests through choosing colors and painting methods.

In addition to age and ability, you should also consider your child’s interests when choosing Donald Duck coloring pages. For example, if your child likes outdoor activities, you can select a picture of Donald Duck playing sports or going to the beach. If your child likes to cook, you can choose a picture of Donald Duck cooking. This will help your child feel closer and more interested in the character Donald Duck, thereby increasing the fun of coloring. If your child has another favorite character from Disney World, you can find pictures that include Donald Duck and that character.


Donald Duck coloring sheets’ content and image quality are also important to ensure children’s enjoyable and safe coloring experience. The content of coloring pages needs to be appropriate to the age and development of the child.

When designing, we avoid violent, scary images, or inappropriate content for children. On the website Coloringpagesonly.com, you can choose pictures with positive content that encourages creativity, friendship, kindness, and other good values. 

The content of the pictures should be diverse and rich so that children do not feel bored. You can choose pictures of Donald Duck’s different activities, such as playing guitar, dancing, and exploring the world. Regarding images, clear, blur-free designs will help children easily recognize details and color more accurately. This is especially important for young children just getting used to coloring.

Image Source

You should choose copyrighted pictures to respect the author and avoid legal problems. With our collection of Donald Duck coloring sheets, the newly updated images are all hand-drawn, ensuring a unique design you can hardly find on any other website. This brings newness and difference to the collection and shows our creativity and enthusiasm.

Images inspired by other websites clearly state the source. All pages are selected before posting to ensure children’s safety. 

With these criteria, our collection of Donald Duck coloring sheets will definitely be a great choice for parents and children who love this adorable cartoon character.

5 Craft Ideas For Using Donald Duck Coloring Pages

Let your and your child’s imagination run wild, and explore the colorful world of creativity together with Donald Duck’s coloring sheets. Turning simple pictures into unique crafts brings joy and helps children develop thinking, creativity, and dexterity.

Make Stickers

Donald Duck stickers can be used to decorate books, pen boxes, phones, laptops, or anywhere you like. Now you won’t have to spend money to buy them because you can create your stickers from our coloring pages. You need to print Donald Duck images in small sizes to do this. You can adjust multiple images on one page to save paper when printing. 

Then, let the children freely color Donald Duck or other characters. When you’re done coloring, you will instruct your child to cut along the design outline with scissors. You can cut close to the edge or leave a small white space around to create a border for the sticker. 

To create a shiny and durable look, place a piece of transparent tape on top of the cut Donald Duck image and gently rub it so the tape adheres evenly and does not wrinkle. Use scissors to cut out the Donald Duck shape again, this time cutting off the tape. Finally, peel off the protective paper behind the tape, and you’ll have a lovely Donald Duck sticker.

donald coloring pages craft ebay 1

Image source: Ebay.

Create A Happy Birthday Card

It is a great idea to send birthday wishes to loved ones, especially children who are fans of this adorable duck. You will print Donald Duck in many different positions and emotions to create diversity for the card. In addition to the traditional blue, white, and yellow colors of Donald Duck, you can choose children’s favorite colors to color. 

After coloring, cut out the Donald Duck shape along the outline. To make the card base, you must prepare a white cardboard and fold it in half. You can refer to our way of decorating the card, like the illustration below, or create your own way. 

The next step is to use glue to secure the Donald Duck image to the front of the card. You can stick it in the middle or off to one side, depending on your preference. Use a marker or watercolor pen to write your birthday wishes inside the card. You should encourage children to write or draw funny images to create a personal impression.

Donald coloring pages craft 2

Design A Wall Art Picture

You can express your creativity and create an interesting space for your children by hanging your Donald Duck wall. First, you must choose your favorite Donald Duck images and print them in large sizes on thick, quality paper. Then, color with watercolor paints and use different coloring techniques to create eye-catching art. 

You need to choose a picture frame size suitable for the space where the picture is hung. After framing, hang the painting in a visible location so everyone can admire your creation.

Donald coloring pages craft AliExpress 3

Image source: Aliexpress.

Make A Bookmark

With this idea, you will choose your child’s favorite Donald Duck image, making sure Donald Duck’s body is long enough to make the mark. Choose the color that matches Donald Duck’s image or according to your child’s preferences. 

You can download and use Photoshop software to color if you have a color printer. After coloring, cut the Donald Duck shape along the outline, keeping the long body as a bookmark.

Next, cut a rectangular piece of cardboard that is the same length or slightly longer than Donald Duck’s body. The width of the cardboard depends on the child’s preference. Use glue to fix Donald Duck’s body on the edge of the rectangular piece of cardboard.

Donald Duck’s head will protrude from the edge of the paper, creating a bookmark. To make the bookmark more secure, you can roll a layer of transparent plastic film over it. With a little ingenuity and creativity, you and your child can make unique and adorable Donald Duck bookmarks to help your child love reading more and be a nice little gift to give to friends.

Donald coloring pages craft Ebay 4

Image source: Ebay.

Make Popcorn Paper Bags

This craft activity is suitable for organizing at home or in the classroom for children to express their ingenuity and creativity. To implement this idea, you need to prepare thick kraft paper so that the popcorn bag is sturdy. 

You will print the Donald Duck image that children love, the size suitable for the paper bag. Let children be creative and color Donald Duck to their liking. You will guide children to cut kraft paper into rectangles large enough to make popcorn bags. 

Use glue to fix the Donald Duck image to the front of the paper bag. You can stick it in the middle, as shown below, or off to one side, depending on your preference.

To create a bag shape, children need to fold a sheet of kraft paper half lengthwise and glue the two edges of the paper together with glue or tape. Fold the bottom edge of the bag up about 2-3cm and seal. These handmade paper bags can be given as gifts to friends or used at parties.

donald coloring pages craft esty 5

Image source: Ebay.

The five ideas above are just a starting point to spark your and your baby’s creativity. You can create countless other unique and interesting handmade products with your child with Donald Duck coloring pages.

You can record your children’s craft-making process, from coloring to completing the product, and share it on your personal page on Facebook, Instagram, or Pinterest. Vivid images or videos will attract people’s attention. Tag friends and relatives who love Donald Duck so they can admire their work. Additionally, sharing your articles with Donald Duck-loving groups, communities, or craft groups will increase engagement.

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